Top 25 High PR .Gov Backlinks List for Better SEO.

If you have a website or blog, you must need backlinks for your SEO plan. There are many king of backlink in SEO world but Gov backlinks are the more valuable and important from others. So, do you want to get a .Gov backlink free?  You are at right place. In this post we have collected a list of valuable .gov sites to get quality backlinks .

gov backlinks free

Evert bloggers want to get backlinks from high authority websites either by commenting on a blog post or taking part in discussion on forums, to rich there SEO. SEO expert wants a high PageRank website or blog with high authority domain to get link juice from and better ranking in SERPs. GOV domains are one of most trusted and high authority domain.

Backlinks from .gov source has better effect on SEO as relate to all other backlinking techniques. Backlinks from .Gov domains are great resource to increase Page ranking and pick up domain authority.

Here is a list of Best High Quality .Gov Backlinks List 2017 for Better SEO:

How to Get Backlinks from above .Gov Backlinks List:

You have a list of 20+ high PageRank and high authority .Gov sites. Now the question is, how you get backlinks from these .Gov sites.

Here are few simple steps, following; you would be able to get backlinks which are really high quality backlinks.

Most of above links are forums of the Gov sites or the sign up landing pages. Both of these permits you to put a link in your profile/bio or use link (your blog) in signature option. So sign up those sites or forums and use link in signature option and also put a link to your blog in your bio.

Let’s make these easy and simple steps to get .gov backlinks from these sites:

Via Signing up for an account on these Gov websites
Insert a link in your profile page or bio.
Stay active and take simple discussion over the forums of Gov sites
Already have a link in your signature so when you post on forum, you’ll get a backlink


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