Top 100 .edu sites for link building | backlinks and seo.

.edu sites for link building are a great way to get quality backlink to my site. Google loves and gives high value this kind of backlink, called .Edu backlink.

A quality backlinks = thousands low quality backlink, particularly this one coming from .edu site. Google loves backlinks from .edu sites and as a result Google give your site good ranking in SERPs. An edu backlink is connected with an educational institute then considered as most reliable and valued backlink in term of SEO because they are from non-profit foundation give quality information, not a spam one and since exists for long time in the field, have high PageRank too.

.edu sites for link building

So to get quality .edu backlinks to your site from high authority sites, here is a huge list of .edu sites for link building to improve your site ranking.
Last Update  March 20th, 2017  Every blogger or website developer want more traffic from search engine. This technique will help you to get high quality free .edu  Backlinks to your  blog or website.

We all know to get good traffic and high SERP by

1.Quality Content
2.Focus Keywords
3.Number of Quality Backlinks.

In this post we are getting the way to get free edu  Backlinks from  .edu domains. You can get these edu backlinks for free .

To Get free .edu backlinks from .edu domains-)

1. Go to

2. Paste this: inurl:blog “post a comment” -“comments closed” -“you must be     logged in” “Your Keyword” .

3. Put Your Keyword.

4. The result will show all edu blog posts.

5. Put your comment and get authority backlinks.

List of 100+ high .edu sites for link building | Backlinks to website.

List of 50 .edu Blogs for Building Backlinks

Extra: 5 .gov blogs in which some were hard to be commented on, and comment moderated:

Recommended: When you are going to submit your URL links, please don't spam. Keep your comment as normal as you can, because some blogs overhead, in which auto approved comment enable, were filled with thousands of spam comments. If a blog full with spam comments, sometimes it might have been deleted by the admin.

Please give your feedback by commenting below, if one of above links was no longer exist (dead links), so that I can replace with another.

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  1. Very good post on how to use .edu sites for link building. But very important thing is you do not do the spaming. Digital Marketing Agency


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